Spirit Siege is the game I’ve been working on.  I’m the effects artist—all the fire and smoke is my doing.

Our company, novaheartbeat, is a baby startup in infjdoodles' garage.  This game has been a labor of love for many, many months.  And I do mean love—they're are all sweet, supportive people.  This is a company that values listening, fostering creative growth, and providing each other our best help.  

I want to see our game become a real, live, vibrant community.  Though the game is only in pre-alpha, we have already started building that community through our kickstarter.

Are you interested in trying our game?  Would you like to help make our community a friendly and joyful place?

Please check out our kickstarter.

This is the thing I’m working on, please check it out and help us spread the word!

Check us out!

Check out our awesome game! :D